Student Testimonials

Students and parents have the opportunity to evaluate the program and the Instructors on a monthly basis. The KMAA program continually receives excellent ratings for meeting student expectations, knowledge, having a professional and enthusiastic behavior, and overall customer satisfaction. Here are a few of the comments students and parents have to say about the KMAA program.

  • 的 think the class has great Instructors?
  • 的 like how challenging class is?
  • 鉄tudents love the class. Master Bill and Jokyonim encourage the students to have a positive outlook and at the same time, have fun?
  • 的 love how students get individual attention?
  • 的 learned a lot in this course. I love class?
  • 的 like how the Instructors work excellent with the students?
  • 的 like that we can express ourselves?
  • 的nstructors are awesome motivators?
  • 的nstructors are very good with kids?
  • 的 like the kicking and breaking boards?
  • 的 like the cardio workout?
  • 的 like how the Instructors hold class to the student痴 ability?
  • 的知 becoming more flexible?
  • 典he Instructors are knowledgeable and have a good program?
  • 的 like the exercise and being able to defend myself?
  • 的 like the physical training?
  • 的 like everything they teach?
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